Little Alien is a fun and collaborative blog that features art, illustrations and projects and celebrates indie creators of all kinds. Starting out in 2013 as a personal catalog of art and creations that inspired me, I found myself able to work closer with creators to help them show the world what they’ve got.While Little Alien’s content is diverse, it remains true to a lively style that focuses on featuring independent artist and creators which is loved and enjoyed by many readers.

I’m always on the lookout for collaborations with magazines, artists, creators and any other forms of media that focus or celebrate independent art. If you are interested in working together and think you fit Little Alien’s theme, please contact me with what you have in mind and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


If you are interested in proposing an affiliate partnership and think you fit the theme of Little Alien, I’d love to hear about it.

Guest Blogging.

I’d love to share my love of art and the importance of supporting indie creators through other channels. If you’ve got an available spot to fit me in, let me know!

Guest Curating.

I love collecting, speaking and featuring art! So if you’re setting up an exhibit, artsy event, zine or other platform that celebrates indie artists and creators I’d be happy to get involved.


Have your product, work or project featured as a review. Minimum of 100 words with full pictures and links directing back to you.
The post can be spread across all platforms, or featured wherever you like. Contact me for more info!

Social Media.

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Sponsored Post.

Sponsored posts include written content (by Little Alien) with high quality images (either taken by Little Alien, or provided by the sponsor) and exposure on Little Alien’s social media channels. These posts will be marked so the audience knows it’s an ad.

Other Collaborations.

Have an idea that isn’t listed here? Let me know!