Here is a quick F.A.Q that many readers have asked over the years. If you have a question that’s not covered here, I’m happy to answer it.

Do you sell these products?

Nope! All the products that you see on my blog aren’t sold by myself. They are available to purchase though, and everything is linked back to the original source with full credit to the creators.

What happens if a product isn’t available?

Then it’s sold out. I can’t really do anything here expect find similar products, but I do suggest reaching out to the original creators to see if they’d be willing to create more stock.

Where else can I find you?

On Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter!!

Can I submit my product?

Sure thing! There are a few guide lines though, so make sure yours fits before submitting!
You can also reach out to me via e-mail for more business related topics i.e affiliation or reviews.

Do you have an archive of past products and features?

Yup! You can find it here.

Can you post cheaper things?

I do have some tags for things on the cheaper end, however most of the time I don’t look at the price when I post things – if I dig the product then it’s being posted!
A lot of the time it’s quality over quantity, instead of paying for a brand name you’re paying for something that someone has put a lot of hard work, effort and love into creating.

If you want to support local and indie creators you don’t just have to shop online. You can go to markets, pop up stalls and the like and find several different clothing and handmade goods. They’ll be cheaper due to not having to pay for shipping, you get to try them on and get to know who made them.