10 Enamel Pins Under $10

It’s safe to say that enamel pins have made a come back and it’s easy to see why. These little enamel accessories are the perfect way to add a touch of character to any outfit, or let everybody in the office know that you love dogs. So, if you’re pin-obsessed like the rest of the internet but don’t want to blow your budget on pretty shiny things, this is the list for you.

Cat/Dog Person Pin by LazyPencilCo

Dog Lover Pin by PeyChi

Monstera Leaf Pin by OldEnglishCo

Pastel Strawberry Pin by PardonMyTone

Gamer At Heart Pin by OhJessicaJessica

Pink Crystal Pin by FinestImaginary

Raygun Pin by EmandSprout

Ursa Major Pin by ByWilzzie

Sloth Pin by ShopZoki

Melting Saturn Pin by PityPartyStudios

You can find more of my favourite pins as well as a bunch of other neat items over at Little Alien Products!

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