Galaxy Themed Embroidered Accessories by Oliness Art Studio

Olya Moore is the talented artist behind Oliness Art Studio, an online shop where she sells her hand embroidered space themed purses and brooches. Her work consists of thread and tiny glass beads, pleasantly arranged to create tiny universes that fit in the palm of your hand. Vibrant, bright and dreamy Olya’s work truly reflects the passion she has for her craft.

Each piece is lovingly made with tiny, intricate embellished details that Olya sews by hand. The glass beads, threaded between cosmic swirls and space explosions really make Olya’s work come to life, and is quite hard not to try and imagine what alien beings would reside in these tiny universes. Olya has an incredible passion for her work and has stated that when she sews, ‘time dissolves completely in the process of creation’, totally immersing herself in her craft.  You can find her full collection at her shop, Oliness Art Studio.

You can find more of Olya’s work in her shop, Oliness Art Studio.

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