Cute Ceramic Animal Planters by Cumbuca Chic

If you’re looking for a cute little planter, Cumbuca Chic might have something for you. Birds, foxes, anteaters, sloths and even capybaras are just some of the friendly little faces you’ll see in Cumbuca Chic‘s shop. Handcrafted and lovingly made, these unique critters are perfect planters for small cacti, succulents and air plants!

Priscilla Ramos is the ceramicist behind Cumbuca Chic and creates these adorable planters out of her studio in São Paulo, Brazil. Drawing inspiration from nature, she sculpts clay into tiny creatures designed to keep your plants company. Priscilla strives to convey cuteness and warmth through her art, hoping to bring a bit of joy into people’s lives with her ceramic creations. You can find more of Priscilla’s work on her website and Etsy.

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