Gorgeous Animal Wedding Toppers by Bonjour Poupette

Sofie Skein of Bonjour Poupette handcrafts beautiful and whimsical figurines, intended to be displayed a top of wedding cakes then taken home to be cherished for a lifetime. These little ‘Poupettes’ as Sofie calls them, are ‘spirited renditions of animal people’ and are each uniquely handcrafted by Sofie herself.

As Sofie works with the clay, unique personalities begin to emerge as everything from the colours chosen, to the placement and expression of the animals are completely unique to each other but just as gorgeous as the last. While there are a variety of little critters up for grabs, Sofie also offers custom made toppers so you can fashion yourself and your fiancé into whatever creature, mythical or not, would suit you best.

If you would like to see more of Sofie’s work, you can find her shop here.

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